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K55 keyboard, macros doing weird stuff

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I recently bought myself a K55 and I'm trying to configure the macros. I recorded the key sequence like the manual describes but when I press the G button in question it does some crazy stuff, it opens up control panel (system specs screen) and it opens up Office and Power Point.


I've tried to record a test macro, I press MR, then G5, then I type "this is a test".


Once I press G5 it types "this a t88" and then it opens the aforementioned windows all at the same time.


Am I messing it up or do I have a faulty keyboard?

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Hi Mr. Teflon,


This could be indicative of EITHER a software issue, or a hardware failure at this point. Start by doing a clean reinstall of iCUE using these steps:




If no result, please open a ticket with support, including a photograph of the rear of your keyboard for warranty consideration.

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I hadn't installed iCue, so I did now and it's working. The issue I was experiencing seems to be fixed, but I notice that it's executing the macros very slowly. I use them for power point, and I can see it press every letter one by one, isn't there a way to make it instant?
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This is an ongoing issue, I just purchased two K55 Keyboards and instantly ran into the same problem when trying to use the macro keys, I'm using Windows 10 Home.


If I assign a macro (Ctrl, Alt, Shift & V) to say G1 "on the fly" without iCue software then press the G1 key it will run the macro but also:

- Open "About" in the Windows Settings

- Try to open a Microsoft office 360 app (Which I don't have installed)

- Open about 10 tabs of "Activate Office 360" in Google Chrome


If I install iCue the macros will work as intended but that's beside the point, I specifically bought the keyboards for the advertised feature of macro keys being "programmable on the fly" to avoid wasting PC resources on additional software. At this point the "on the fly" macro keys are just false advertising. Furthermore if I quit iCue while the PC is running the above unwanted behaviors run without even pressing a macro key!


There are 3 Forum threads on this topic already dating back as far as November 2020 and so far the only solutions offered by Corsair are to either install iCue or RMA the keyboard....

Needless to say I'll be returning these keyboards and purchasing something else that works as advertised, unfortunately this has left a sour taste in my mouth in regards to buying Corsair products in the future.

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Have a new K55 with same problem: It opens up Office 360 and clearly has other keystrokes embedded.


I could not get iCUE to load because Windows won't run the MSI file. What the heck is going on here?

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