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XG7 30 series thermal pads


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Hi all, Been looking to pick up a waterblock for my strix 3090 and have been leaning towards the xg7 over the ek vector. My only real concern is the lack of thermal pads over other areas when compared to the ek backplate, or even the stock cooler which has pads over the back positions of most of the power delivery components.



From what I've googled it seems like on the previous generations the backplate has used either 0.5mm or 1mm pads. My plan would be to use the ekwb guide to determine the thickness for the other areas, and use the xg7 vram pads as a reference. So if the xg7 stock backplate thermal pads are 1mm, then using the ek backplate install guide, those vram pads are 1.5mm, then I could assume that taking the difference and applying it to all the other areas should give me an accurate thickness. 2mm thermal pads on the ek would then be 1.5mm on the xg7 and so on.


If anyone can confirm the thickness it would be great, or if you have other suggestions I'm open to hear those too. Thanks!

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