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ICUE corsair.service.exe BSOD


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Motherboard Asus MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) (Socket LGA1151)

Processor Intel - Core i9-9900K

Memory CORSAIR - Vengeance RGB PRO

16GBGraphics Card GrForce RTX 2070

SuperSound default motherboard

MonitorASUS - VG279Q 27" IPS LED

Storage #1Samsung - 970 PRO 512GB Internal PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe)

CPU CoolerCorsair H115i PRO RGB

CaseLian Li Dynamic XL

Power Supply CORSAIR RMx Series, RM1000x, 1000 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified

Keyboard CORSAIR - Gaming STRAFE RGB


Windows 10 PRO OS build 20H2 installed mid December

ICUE v3.37.140


Built pc November 2019 and been running great ever since. Saturday I played games for a good 8/9hrs playing Bf5 and Nioh. PC ran great and ICUE operated correctly since I have ICUE dashboard open on second monitor to see Temps and fans rpms. Saturday night I powered down PC since after a year I decided to change Memory settings from auto to XMP. In control panel, performance tab the default 2133mhz went to 3200mhz. Booted up BF5 about 20min in the game crashed to desktop. I figured it was the memory change so back into Bios and set it back to auto. Booted up BF5 again with in 20mins BSOD. The amount of crashes, bug checks and deadlocks was happening every 20mins to 1hr. Crashes happened just being in desktop/ internet since I was trying/researching error codes. Tried to read memory dumps files but needed admin privileges which I am the only user. Not sure why this is but eventually I was able to read memory dump files which I will get to. My calm Sunday turned into a headache. Had my phone with me so I can take a pic a Pic of BSOD. The error was Whea untroubled error related to some hardware. I figured I damaged the memory so went to Best Buy bought new memory and crashes still occurred. Did a scandsk/r and memory test that Windows 10 offers, errors still occurred. In short I gave up and did a fresh install Sunday night and installed ICUE (latest version) during windows 10 1709 OS Build. Still received crashes. Finally was able to read a memory dump and there was the issue .........corsair.serve.exe. Went to Corsair Forum for research. Found some articles what I went through. Monday after work first thing I did was delete ICUE. Before playing any games I was just letting Windows 10 continued updates and I continued researching. PC was more stable then it has been from Sunday but still received a few bugcheck crashes. What the error codes were don't remember since everytime a Memory dump occurred the file was replaced with most current dump. PC seems more stable, so today I plan to test with Nioh since it's not a very Cpu and Gpu heavy dependent game to see what happens. All 6 fans and led lights are working but with no ICUE, fans are all at max rpms with an ugly lightning theme.



Is it possible when I changed memory settings that ICUE software was corrupted from monitoring volt/temp changes from XMP changes made by BIOS. Even though crashes still occurred when I changed XMP to auto and even with fresh install?


Did Corsair Commander Pro get damaged some how? Was thinking of buying a new one to test theary.


Maybe older version of ICUE would work? Looking for previous version then the newest.


Was thinking of doing a CMOS clear but I will waite. I am mad at myself for doing a fresh reinstall of windows 10 when I probably didn't have to so I don't want to make any big changes again.


Thanks for any help or info.

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