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Corsair Viruoso SE Headset - Causing Major Frame Drops

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This issue is persistent across all games.


I've asked in a lot of places and can't find a solution for this problem. When I am playing games on my 4K@60Hz TV (via HDMI) from my PC, my headset causes huge FPS drops - from solid 60 (V-Sync, so good change FPS is higher) to single digits, usually 5-7. Sometimes it is as soon as I switch them on, sometimes a bit later into playing a game (but switching the headset off immediately the FPS goes straight back to normal.


Some of the fixes I've attempted based on other threads I've seen to do with slipstream/corsair headsets affecting performance:


- Disabling C-States in the bios.


- Lowering the rate in the Headset sound settings to 16 bit CD quality.


- Installing iCUE - most of what I could see is that iCUE actually sometimes causes frame drops, but I never had it installed so wanted to see if maybe that was some weird quirk that would fix things for me.


- Updating firmware (it was already up to date).


It seems to only happen on my TV, not my monitor 144Hz 1080p. I only ever have one of the monitors turned on at a time. I'm certain that the issue is with the headset as turning it off makes FPS normal again.


Someone made the suggestion that it might just be that it is too taxing for my system to output 4K gameplay while also streaming audio, but this doesn't really make sense to me, firstly because I have a fairly beefy system, and secondly because having the audio output through the HDMI to the TV works perfectly fine with no crazy frame drops. Also, if my system was taxed to the point where switching on a headset is just too much for it, how could it have been pumping out 4K gameplay at 60fps right before the frame drops?


I should also state that this is using slipstream, I haven't tested extensively plugged in but the short time I did test it, it seemed to work perfectly fine plugged in.


Any help would be really appreciated, I'd love to get this fixed.

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