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Two HX1000I with Coil Whine/Buzz

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Well at this point I am out of answers. One thing for sure is thank goodness for good friends that are willing to lend components for testing.

All testing was done with the PSU plugged directly into the wall and i have already tested the outlet for prober grounding.



Corsair HX1000i

X570 Aorus Master

Ryzen 5800x

Aorus RX 6800XT Master

Hyper X DDR4 3600

Sabrent Rocket 4

XPG SX 8200 Pro


My first HX1000i was great for about six months before developing an irritating coil whine/buzz when playing World of Warcraft and other games. it is so bothersome needed to wear my headset when playing. So I called some friends and tried both a RTX3080 and 3090 with the same result so we then swapped in a EVGA SuperNova 850 P2 and tried all three video cards again and the system was quiet as a church mouse save for the light fan noise.


I submitted the RMA request and received a replacement HX1000i so pulled the EVGA and installed it. No sooner did I launch a game the new HX1000i exhibited the same irritating coil whine/buzz. I was in disbelief but pulled my desk away from the wall and got my ear up to the back of the PSU and there it was, that same hideous coil whine/buzz.


So, I called the same friends and we swapped GPU’s and the coil whine/buzz remained. I borrowed the EVGA SuperNova 850 P2 again and installed it back into the system and once again quiet as a church mouse. So once again I have my system running nice and quiet as await another RMA


Now I see the HXi power supplies are no longer listed on Corsair.com. Were they discontinued due to these problems?


Suggestions (other than convincing my friend to sell me this EVGA)





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I plugged it into my Furman S5500 which is a pro audio grade power line conditioner and surge protector if that counts?


This begs the question of if the power source was so dirty I would expect it to affect the EVGA PSU as well when plugged directly into the wall.


I guess I can bring a oscilloscope home from the office to check the outlet but am sure I will find it to be clean and free of noise.

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not all PSUs have the same PFC or 5VSB circuitry.

the Furman should do the trick, unless you have something noisy in the same bank of sockets. At least that narrows down your research.


Apart from that, the HXI are still current of course, and present in the website :)


Some people found that it was another device that was injecting noise in the mains, and the PSU just made it noticeable. Jonnyguru hiumself had the problem, caused by a powered USB hub i believe.. disconnected it and the whine was gone. a dodgy phone charger, just about anything that's badly filtered can make a PFC circuit sing.


Personally i have my HX1200i plugged to a Furman rack unit, but the PC is alone in its socket bank.

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When I tested with the Furman the PC was the only device plugged in just to be safe. I have no USB hub connected, it's just the PC, monitor, mouse and Keyboard connected the PC


Nothing has changed with the build either which is why I am stumped at this point. The first PSU was perfect for the first six month before the coil whine/buzz started.


Unfortunately without changing the motherboard and case (which is not happening) everything leads back to it being the power supplies.


Ill keep at it and update with any new findings.

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Last night to further eliminate outside cause for the coil whine/buzzing when in game. I disconnected the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors for the Case, Disconnected my AIO and dropped my Dark Rock Pro 4 air cooler back in so I was only running the internal PC components, mouse, keyboard and monitor.


For the first test I connected to my Furman S5500 and kept the PC and monitor on separate banks and for the second test only the PC connected to the Furman and the monitor plugged directly into the wall.


In both cases the HX1000i is completely silent until I launched a game. As soon as I am in game playing the coil whine/buzzing starts.


Am I missing any other variables?


Despite my best efforts, unfortunately it keeps coming back to the HX1000i being the root cause of the coil whine buzzing problem.


Thanks for the responses and suggestions.

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