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Requesting help setting up RGB Fans

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Hi there!


First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the tips and tricks you've already posted in existing threads regarding the setup of iCUE RGB fans.


However, I'm so confused as I've seen different setups than mine and I want to be sure what I am going to order further, as I already ordered a few things.


Therefore, the current setup:


  • iCUE 5000X Corsair Case
  • Asus Z590-F motherboard
  • Controller RGB Corsair Commander PRO
  • Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix


Now, I need your help in figuring out what I need next, in terms of fans.


Based on my research, I know that the H150i comes with the newer 8 LED ML Fans. Based on that, I wanted to go ahead with the SP 120mm fans for the rest of the case since those also have 8 LEDs (instead of 4) - I thought it would look cleaner that way.


The case itself comes with 3 SP fans but those are also the newer version and it also includes a PWM controller and a RGB one if I'm not mistaken.


In the end, I want to achieve the following setup:


  • Radiator mounted at the top - push w/ pull
  • 3 fans blowing air from front
  • 3 fans blowing air from the side
  • 1 fan exhaust at the back


This is a total of 10 RGB fans (3 fans from the top doing the pull from the rad would be some old ML120 non-RGB that I have and can connect to MB individually if you guys don't think it can affect the performance of the rad.. by having different fans on pull to the ones on push)


3 New SP 120 come with the Case, 3 New ML come with the cooler. That would mean an extra 4 SP 120 8 led fans to be purchased for the side panel and rear.


The question is.. how the heck am I going to set them up? :confused:


One thing to mention is that I can't seem to find any of the corsair RGB hubs in stock in my country (I've seen some of those being recommended on the 10 fans setup).


I've also read that the RGB controllers and also the Com Pro doesn't support different fans hooked up, they must match. In this case, am I screwed?


Literally, any help from you guys would mean a lot :)



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The Commander Core is both RGB controller and PWM fan controller for 6 fans. It will be able to handle the SP-Elite (PWM) that come with the case as well as the 3 ML-Elite that were meant for the radiator. However, it is a PWM fan controller only and will not work with the 3 pin DC motor SP-Pro, which I presume is what you are looking at it. The SP-Pro are good RGB match, but difficult for fan control since neither the case PWM hub nor the Elite AIO controller (Commander Core) can handle them.


However, the logical place for those 3 SP-PRO in your proposed. setup in on the motherboard side wall. Their purpose there is general airflow into the case and that's not really a speed critical function. You could offload them to the motherboard for that. The multipack of SP-PRO will have a Lighting Node Core RGB controller for those 3 fans, although it will not matter how you group the 9 "8 LED fans" (SP-Pro, SP-Elite, ML-Elite). 6 will go on one controller, 3 on the other. You'll need to decide what you are going to do at the back. Assuming it's another SP-PRO, it's RGB wire will go with the group of 3. That sets up better for front/side as the group of 6 and the top radiator + rear as the group of 4.


Assuming you are looking at 11900K and intend to overclock it as much as you can, you still likely do not need push-pull unless your intent is to pin the fans down at 750-900 rpm and never let them go faster. At most that CPU will generate 220-250W and that is only in stress testing applications. That is not an overly difficult load for any 360mm radiator to handle with an expected coolant rise of about +7C at 1300 rpm. Adding three more fans to take 1C off that may not be worthwhile. Depending on your uses, it may really not matter. My 10900K@1.40v will only load up to 80-105W in most AAA games. That's a pretty easy load to manage with light fan speed. If you do press on, you might be better served by getting 3 ML-RGB (4 LED) for the top. They aren't going to show, are a blade geometry match for the ML-Elite below the radiator, and also are PWM. Then you can make use of that PWM controller with the case and put all 6 radiator fans on that, then run the control wire back to 1 channel on the Commander Core. Now all 6 fans will run the same speed and be controllable from within the CUE app.

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