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Corsair AX1000 PSU issue with system fans not allowing system to post?


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I have a new build and the computer failed to post. I narrowed the problem down to the power going to my fan controller. When I unplugged the power to my fan controller the system would post. I'm using 10 Lian Li Sl120 fans connected to their controller, which is then powered by a sata connection. Is there an issue with type 4 cables powering this that anyone is aware of?
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Hi Revrecks,


How many other devices are you running from that single SATA power cable?

For testing purposes - try running it on a separate cable to your other SATA power devices, and use the first/closest power plug on the cable.


Let me know if using a dedicated cable has helped, or if moving it close along the cable to the PSU has helped.



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