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275q case fan control


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How can I control the 2 case fans in my new corsair 275q case, connected via the supplied and fitted PWM panel which is connected to the ASUS H410m-a motherboard.


They are annoyingly noisy and running at higher than necessary speed, I think for cpu temp of 27c.


The 2 case fans are not recognised by the BIOS, as they are connected via the PWM board.


Any help and guidance will be gratefully received.


Thank you.

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You will need to utilize the BIOS fan control and/or your motherboard's provided software. If you want individual fan control you will have to plug each fan into an individual fan header on your physical motherboard. If you are using the PWM Repeater built into the case all fans plugged into the PWM repeater will run at the fans speed you set to that header on your motherboard that you plugged the PWM cable from the repeater into. If you didn't plug the single PWM cable from the repeater into your motherboard then the fans will run at 100% at all times.
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Thank you. Thats very helpful.

On my corsair 275q case the pwm board seems to be connected to a sata power socket.

If I connect the PWM 4 pin socket to the motherboard CHA Fan 1 header, to enable control of fan speed, should I disconnect the pwm board power supply?

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