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20% off Corsair Water block coupon


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UPDATE: coupon has been used


Hey all, just wanna give back to the community. I bought a XH305i and it came with a water block coupon.


I was really looking forward to getting a corsair water block but they didnt make a EVGA block (imagine not making a block for one of the most popular cards but making one for msi yikes, evga customer service is 11/10 of course we are gonna buy evga cards where you at corsair???). I could only get my hands on a 3080 ftw ultra from micro center. And I was going to get an optimus block but that guy is unreliable. I got a Bykski block.


I want to give the coupon to someone that needs it. I already offered it someone thats really helpful on the forums but that person didnt need it.

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Hey, is this coupon just for the GPU water blocks, or is it valid for CPU ones too?


only gpu water blocks since the kit came with a cpu water block but no gpu water block. since its not universal like a cpu block is, they didnt put it in the kit.

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Weird, I didn't find a coupon in my H305i Kit. And i just ordered a GPU block yesterday. Would've loved to have saved 20%! Do you still have the coupon. I may be able to get Customer Service to take it off manually. Edited by WAGOON
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