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Settings up Icue with AHK before the execution possible?


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Hello, I am currently using icue software to send text to a wordpad. Works great! The only issue is I do not have a corsair mouse and cannot automate mouse movement I don't believe so I made a AHK script to go to the position on the screen this wordpad is at and click it so it opens.


Now I've set the AHK to go autoclick using the F1 key I bound to it, I also went into icue and set a macro to enter my text and saved it as F1. Problem is the icue text doesn't send the keyboard events after the AHK executes it's movement.


The icue macro I have set is:


Pause execution for 500 ms.

Input Key H

Input Key E

Input Key L

Input Key L

Input Key O

Input Key Enter


But this seems to not work, is it an issue with attaching the AHK action to it or is there something I can do to make it work?

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