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Corsair hx620w PSU extreme noise


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Hello there,


upgraded from geforce 1080 to rx6900xt.


Noticed realy loud sound since then - only while facing load. Sound comes from psu. Compared to geforce 1080 - sound is also there but much lower volume.


Is this technically something i should worry about? (Risk of psu failure, burn damage)


Thinking about replacing the psu but unfortunately there is no stock for corsair psu´s (or lets say considering the msrp / normal pricing and 750W or more) in germany ; (


Shot a video:


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your PSU is very old so that noise isn't surprising, considering the added load compared to what it was with the 1080. Now the 6900XT pushes it too far, and the PSU is very likely to have very bad filtering with 11 years old capacitors.


If i were you i would stick with the 1080 untill i could get a new, and more powerful PSU.. It's not easy these days !

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