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Not all clicks register

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So I have the dark core pro se mouse for about a month or two now and everything works like it should. However yesterday me and my friends decided to play some minecraft. For some reason it does not register all the clicks in minecraft. It doesnt happen in any other games/apps I also did several clickinput tests but also there all the clicks get registered.

I tried tuning down the polling rate but non of the polling rates (125-2000 hz) change anything about the click registration in the game. I also tried other mouses I have and those dont have the same problem.

I was wondering if anyone has a potenial solution for this.

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What version of Minecraft were you playing? And what specific buttons on the mouse are you talking about when the clicks aren't working.


I tried 1.8.9 and the latest version, 1.16.5. It is only happening with the left mouse button. It happens in single and multiplayer and I have a normal cps of 8-9.

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also i tried some more things:

I tried it out on multiple multiplayer servers (hypixel and my friends server) and both seem to demonstrate the same issue that when I am in survivalmode not all clicks translate to real clicks in minecraft. Separate mods like 5zig do count the clicks in minecraft but these use a different way of counting clicks then minecraft itself. So if I have to guess it is some kind of connectivity issue between the dark core pro and minecraft. I also reset my whole pc (erased everything) and the issue still persisted.

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The mouse and dongle itself are running the latest version of the firmware v.2.7.37 and v.2.4.14 respectively. (I tried playing wired and wireless aswell)

The software version of icue is 3.37.140

Tried updating them but both should be the latest version.


Do a Forced Firmware update on the mouse.

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