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Corsair RMX 750 Fan: Load or Temperature ?

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The manual of the Power supply ( and on the box)... shows a Load-Fan RPM curve.

The curves shows that the Fan trigger @300W of Load.


Now the PC on idle does even get close to 200W...


I have an R7 3700X ( not overclocked) and GTX 1070 ( also not overclocked)...


THe PSU is silent.... however afte like 45min-1hour of light usage (internet browsing, text editing...) the PSU fan do kick in. It is not loud, its just i can hear it because my other fan cases are noctuas running @ 300-400RPM... so when the PSU fan kicks in i can hear a slight "wooosh"..again it is not annoying. but ia m confused because the box AND manual sates that the fan will kick in at 300W.


The PSU fan will run for like 10-15min... and then stop... and again an hour late they will kick in again...


The PSU is mounted with the fan facing down because i have a case with a filtered bottom.. the room temperature is 22-23C degrees.


Am i missing somehting ? the PSU is like 2 weeks old...

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The fan control is mixed between load and temperature.

If you pull 200W at 15°C ambient, or 200W at 40°C ambient, it's not the same for the components.


A trick Johnyguru often recomends, since the H500 has vents up top on the PSU shroud (if it's the case you still use), is to mount the PSU fan up. this way, the heat does not rise passively towards the PCB but towards the fan (since the PCB is now down). components stay cooler for longer. Also, the case airflow may suffice to cool down the PSU.


With the fan down, the heat from the power regulators rise towards the PCB, and it just creates a pocket of hot air inside the PSU case.

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yes it's normal.


under load, the GPU mostly blows air upwards, even if in practice, it goes a bit everywhere. so if you have decent airflow it shouldn't be a problem. usually fans blow it back, and upwards. shouldn't be as hot under the GPU.


It's worth testing, that's the only way you'll know if the fan will spin under load :) it depends on your ambient temp, your GPU temp, what kind of fan setup you have, your fan curves etc..

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