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and another Ram question


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hi ramguy. sorry if i posted in the wrong spot.

it seems like you are very busy on this forum so i will try and make this as short as possible. i'm wondering what ic's i have on my modules. i've looked around, but can't seem to find a definitive answer. looks like it might be ch-5. this is what i have cmx512re-3200LL. xms3200rev1.1. there's a model number or something too. 0345134. it is rated at 2-3-2-6. the other stick is identical except for the model number which i can't see right now because it's on my board. can you tell by that info what ic's i have? and if so, what voltage would you recommend running it at? hopefully somewhere between 2.6 and 2.8 as that's all i have in my bios. anyway, thanks a bunch for your time.


btw, i'm using an sk8v and fx51

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