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iCue Typing Accuracy Profiles


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Hello Corsair Forum Folk -


One of the saddest things I learned about my computer skills (or lack thereof) during COVID was that I stink at typing quickly in chat boxes during video calls. I tend to hit the caps button and begin "yelling" inadvertently more often than I'd like. It occurred to me that the sooner I realized when that was happening, the less retyping is required - presuming the Enter key has not already been pressed! :eek: While it is an n=1 study, I find it (nearly) useless to have just one tiny LED (nowhere near the letter keys of course...) indicate the state of the caps lock key. :rolleyes: How could a keyboard more clearly indicate whether or not it has been directed to capitalize all the letters? Why, lots and lots of RGB LEDs, of course.


After a couple of failed attempts with other models, I came across Corsair's iCue software and K series keyboards. The iCue software combines the ability to change colors per key AND macro recording. There are 5 profiles (attached below) for the common modifier keys - Caps Lock, Shift, Control and Alt - along with a base layer or zero state for the LEDs. Each modifier key has a distinct color scheme, which can be modified as needed to taste and/or environment. My preference is to have red as the "base" color as it does not affect night vision as much.


With the profiles built, the next step is creating a stack of actions that toggle between the profiles. For example, while the shift key is pressed, swap to the "Shift Key Is On" color profile, then revert back to the base profile upon its release. I am not sure whether or not all the actions transfer with the Profiles, so please do let me know if they don't and I will update this post with instructions on how to make them yourself.


One note, be sure to click on the Caps-Off profile when leaving the iCue software, otherwise the state can be out of sync when you return to whatever computing activity you are engaged in.


The profiles stay with iCue and have worked on both a K60 and a K70 Mark 2 keyboard. Once the board is plugged into and recognized by the OS, the profile was applied automatically, in my tests.


Hope you find it useful.




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