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PC power cycles after being turned off for a couple of hours

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I just finished moving my PC into a new case, The Lancool 2 Mesh. I also put in a different cooler (Lian Li Galahad 360) and a different power supply (Corsair HX1200). Before I did this, the PC would start up normally without any issues. Now, even before I put in the OCs it will sometimes boot me to BIOS saying it didn't boot properly. Since this only happens after a couple of hours, I thought I fixed it by giving it the correct cable (for some reason I got confused between my old PSU cable and my new one). Since I thought it was fixed, I put in my overclock and stress tested it for 24 hours without any errors on P95. I think the issue is with the start up because when I leave it for a long time it then starts to power cycle and then after about a minute or two, it will beep normally. Another note: my speaker gives the single beep when it boots, but then it gives a deeper single beep. Since the motherboard doesn't say anything about that, I'm not sure what it is trying to say. The power cycling is getting annoying because I'm not sure what's wrong with it. Also, the only things I changed in the BIOS were fan settings (giving me warnings about any fan failure), Core clock (3700 MHz) and Core Voltage (1.370). The power cycling happened before I put any OCs btw. Any help would be great.
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