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Full iCUE system completed, with custom RGB strips and an Asus 1080ti

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Hi all! Figured no better place to show off my year old rig finally fully kitted out compatible with Corsair icue! The case had Some RGB already installed but it was 12v 4pin, and the Asus 1080ti has its own software.

I switched out the LEDs in the case and a bit extra in the m.2 heatsink to a standard strip of addressable LEDs, soldered into a Lighting node pro.

The Asus 1080ti I've never got to work until now, the newest update from Asus and icue seems to have given compatibility between the two, making my whole build work with icue!


I7 9700k

H150i Pro 360mm AIO water cooler

MSI z390-a-pro

32gb Corsair Vengeance RGB pro

Asus Strix 1080ti

500gb nvme ssd

1tb Samsung SSD

4tb of HDD storage

Be Quiet dark base pro 900 rev.2

Corsair 750w 80+ Gold


Corsair k70

Dark core RGB pro se



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