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Keyboard not recognized by Windows or iCUE software

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Good day,

The K70 keyboard does not picked up in Windows. The lights come on, but is not picked up in Windows or iCUE software. The keyboard has been plugged into three different Computers, and it works on them.

Using USB Tree view, the keyboard does not show up. When you plug other keyboards in the same USB ports, the keyboard is recognized immediately.


Steps taken already.

ESC key keyboard reset.

Completely uninstalled iCUE software, including registry entries etc. and reinstalled.

Removed the SSD drive from other Computer that keyboard works on, booted PC with that SSD, still not being picked up or showing in USB Treeview.

SSD moved back to the other PC, and the keyboard works on the other PC.


To make sure it is not a hardware issue on the Computer, I took the PC into our local Computer store that had a K70 in stock. Once we plugged in the new K70 they had in stock, it was picked up immediately by the Computer.


I'm at my wits end. Any help will be appreciated.

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