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Unreliable K63

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constantly been a PIA, plain bricked or a lit up brick, this K63.


it was supposed to replace the corded kb, but i have the corded kb nearby so i can log into the pc, when this K63 decides to regularly act up.


constant reset. constantly unresponsive.


now, this K63 works while connected to its USB cable, but doesn't type but lights up when going wireless. FN + F9 does nothing.


rudimentary iCUE software has its regular instability. creating new profiles each time it has this connectivity issues.


i think when i turn off the pc, then remove the dongle, turn on the pc, then insert the dongle into the usb port, it detects the k63.


frustrated with its unreliability as a wireless kb.


so, take me through the troubleshooting steps, please, again. if this doesn't work then i'm binning this board, and buy different manufacturer. i bought it for my b'day, and i've replaced one, and this second one has been troublesome. spent too much time/effort troubleshooting a device which needs to be reliable, it regularly doesn't do its single purpose in life, type.


yup, disappointed, now getting bitter.

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