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iCue causing flicker and double click...


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So all my peripherals are corsair, and everything is using a linked color profile for red, I have noticed that here and there every light turns off for a second, and then everything lights up back normally, even inside the case, my waterblock, my vengeance ram, all of their lights turn off and then back on... it doesnt crash anything.



icue is also eventually causing my scimitar rgb to double click and random, its a bit rare but when it happens its annoying. How did i tested? first right after a double click happened, i went to a double click test website and clicked 100 times, no problems, so im guessing its not hardware issue, second, i tried with icue disabled 500 clicks and no doubles appeared...


any help solving this? latest iCue installed FRESH, just imported my color profiles, no avail...

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