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AX1600i + 3x RTX 3080 connectivity


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Hello guys.


I would like to ask here how to wire my AX1600i PSU with three RTX 3080 cards, please.


RTX 3080 cards I got are Palit 3080 GameRock OC, all of them with 3x 8pin connectors, TDP 370W each.


What would the best possible wiring option:

1.) PSU option 1 (PSU_1.png)

-2x single 6+2pin cable from PSU

-1x dual 6+2pin cable from PSU (1x 6+2 connector goes to GPU and second 6pin daisy chain goes to riser)


2.) PSU option 2 (PSU_2.png)

-1x single 6+2pin goes to GPU from PSU

-1x dual 6+2pin goes to GPU from PSU (daisy chain)

-1x single 6pin goes to riser from PSU


Thank you very much for reaply.



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Thank you very much for reply. I know it is going to be tought but I will try to keep cards at 225W each (as it is going to be used for "badword").


If I am right, wiring each card with 2x single 6+2pin should give card 300W, 1x daisy (so 6+2pin would go to the card with 75W - together 375W and 6pin from that that daisy cable to the riser - 75W). But I am not sure if it is ok to plug one end of daisy to GPU and second one to the riser :/.

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