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USB disconnect sounds with Commander Pro issues


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So I have a brand new build that is a few days old. The issues I'm having are with USB disconnect sounds followed by my H100i SE lighting frozen and fan lighting flickering. I have an H100i SE hooked up to my copro USB and a lighting node core on the second USB passthrough on the copro. After the random USB disconnect sound, the RGB on the H100i freezes and fans hooked up to the Node Core start glitching. The fan PWM freezes on-screen but I can still apply different fan curves to the fans and I can hear them ramping up so I know the RPM signal works. It's just an issue with the RGB and it's very annoying. Seems to be an issue with just the CoPro as I checked all the connections such as CoPro USB passthrough, MoBo USB header, SATA power connections, fan RGB connections, and nothing seems to be malfunctioning. Seems like a software problem to me because if I leave my computer on it almost never has this issue. Maybe iCUE conflicts with other software or I have a weird setting on my BIOS or iCUE? please let me know.



The RGB and PWM of the two fans on the H100i radiator are hooked up to the cables from the pump.

The pump cable is connected to the Mobo CPU PUMP header and set to constant 100%

Two QL120 in the front of the case hooked up to CoPro for PWM and Node Core for RGB

Two QL140 on the bottom of the case hooked up to CoPro for PWM and Node Core for RGB

Vengeance Ram is working fine.

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I had to hook my Commander up to my computer using a usb hub. I wired one up myself by splicing the internal USB plug to a USB A. But you could use something like this too. https://www.nzxt.com/products/internal-usb-hub


Not sure if that will fix your problem but I know it fixed mine and a lot of other people who have ASUS motherboards. Not sure about MSI mobos though.

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