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CORSAIR Commandet Pro and H115i


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Hey all :)

I hope I am right here with my question.

So I am building my new system rn and have some trouble connecting everything.

I have a 680x case (with integrated LED and RGB Hub).

I also got myself a h115i (two fan) and a Commander Pro.


So far I connected everything like that:


RGB HUB (I connected everything with RGB to it, so the 3 front fans, the one on the back

and the 2 from the Aio)

->connected to LED HUB (1 LED cable from case)

-->connected to Commander Pro (which has all fan power connectors on it,

the usb cable from the LED HUB and the usb cable from the AIO - it says USB only

but I read here you can connect it that way)


I also connected all Sata cables to my power supply. And the 3 pin from the AIO to the motherboard. I hope I didnt forget to mention something.


So my question is, is it okay to connect the fans and RGB of the radiator from

the AIO to the commander and only connect the 3 pin to the motherboard?

I just have the weird feedling i forgot something. Especially the AIO gives me a headache bevause i connected everything to the commander between the thing ony cpu and the fans on the radiator.


I hope someone has time to help me out ��




This is what i have:

4 x RGB fans

1 x h115i with 2 x RGB fans

1 x led strip? (comes with case i guess)

1 x RGB Hub

1 x LED Hub

1 x Commander Pro

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You can run speed control for radiator fans from the Commander, but there is not any advantage to doing this and there is a penalty. When on the Commander, the software must be running in order for that controller to get the coolant temp data from the H115i. When you leave them on the H115i, it's fan controller can read that data at all times, including boot and shutdown. Since both are programmable from within CUE, there usually isn't a reason to do this and burn two fan ports with less control.


The RGB is different and not related to fan function in anyway. IF your fans are all of the same type, you want them on the same RGB controller so they act like 1 group. If those two radiator fans are LL, put them on the hub with the front LL120x3. If they are ML-RGB, that makes things a little different. You can only designate one fan type per controller and this forces the you to pretend 1/4 of an LL fan is actually a 4 LED ML. This would be a confusing place to start. If they are ML, I would leave them on the Platinum RGB controller for now so you can get the hang of how things work. They can be easily moved at any time.

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