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Tx650w is there an issue with it?

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I’ve had my current i7 build for a few years and have made some upgrades here and there. 2 days ago everything was fine, running perfectly all fans, 2 monitors no issues per usual. Yesterday I turn on the computer neither monitor cranks on and I notice my mousepad, keyboard and mouse are not lit up. So, appears I’m not getting a. Signal from the gpu or any usb devices. All 9 case fans work fine, light up and such and the system does not power down.


I read something on memory positioning issues potentially solving this issue however that looks like it helps a new build and this has been in operation for years. I tried repositioning the memory sticks anyways to no avail.


I took the system apart and cleaned the components. Reattached everything and now the computer turns on and shuts down in 10-15 seconds again with all fans running but no monitor bios output and no usb devices getting a signal. Last week I did remember hearing a louder noise coming from the case like a loud throttling vibration. Does this sound like a power supply issue? Using a Corsair tx650w psu.


intel I7 2600k

Cooler master HAFx

Antech kuhler 620

Corsair tx650w psu

Msi z77 mpower motherboard

Evga gtx970

8gb x2 ddr3-1600 (9-9-9-24)

Sb xfi

Corsair ll120 rgb x9

4 x crucial sata sdd

Windows 10

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i assume you unplugged everything for a minute to be sure its a cold start


The TX650w is an older model. The current RM650 (2019) is more efficient and would run your old Z77 fine until you modernize The RM750 and RM850 are also available and video card trends suggest a higher capacity has some advantages.


my review https://www.hardcoregames.ca/2019/05/28/corsair-rm650/

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