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SIUSBXP.SYS causing system crashes

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I've been getting random system crashes that mimic the power cable being pulled from the PC. No shut down process, just instant off.


From what I can tell from the memory dumps, SIUSBXP.SYS is causing the problem. It's the driver that continually shows as causing the faults. Out of 20 or so of these crashes, its the only driver that comes up with fatal errors.


I'm running:


Asus Maximus Hero X wifi

H100i v2


2 - 16G Cosair Vengence mem (3000)

Cosair RM 850i PW (replaced this already)

Cosair Lighting Pro and fan hub


I've run memtest extensively, taken everything apart to make sure CPU, vid card, and Memory are seated properly, all cables are good and there's no obvious issues.


I've scoured the forum making sure I have the H100iV2 set up correctly, and I do.


Any help or direction here is appreciated! Thanks!


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