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Corsair K60 RGB Pro - RGB Problems

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Hey guys,


I have a new K60 keyboard and Im using 6 LL120 fans (Lightning Node Core with Capellix) and 3 Lightning Pro strips (Lightning Node Pro) from Corsair, but whenever my screensaver goes on and off, the deafult color of my K60 keyboard changes to red. Its only with the keyboard, the color of the other Icue devcices are like my set profile and stay in the colors like I want them.


The hardware color when Icue doesnt work is also an other effect and not static red, so Im wondering where this red static settings comes from. I even cant change the color; switching my profiles or directly changing the keyboard color, nothing happens. I have to close and restart Icue again, every time my screensaver goes on and off. This cant be normal?


Greetings and thanks in advance.


Silverex57 ::pirate::

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