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Asus P4C800E-Deluxe and Corsair CMX256A-3200LL - Problems With Dual Channel Mode


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At first my current PC configuration:

Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Bios 1021

P4 2,4 GHz 800 MHz FSB Hyperthreading

Zalman CNPS 7000 Cu

Corsair TwinX PC3200LL 512 MB DDR-Ram

Western Digital WD1200JB 120 GB

Samsung SP4002H 40 GB

Samsung SP1614C 160 GB SATA

Toshiba SD-M1712 DVD-Rom FW J004

Plextor Premium CD-R/RW Writer FW 1.06

Sapphire Radeon Atlantis 9800 128 MB

Chieftec 360 W power supply

Windows XP Professional SP1 with all needed security updates


And my problem:

I installed a TwinX kit of 512 MB (2x256MB) Corsair PC3200LL modules in my computer. But I can not run them with the timings which are programmed in the SPD (2-3-2-6). I tried many different settings for the memory timings and the nearest I can get was 2-3-3-6 with a stable system. Also read some threads about this combination on this board so I tried 2,75 DRam voltage and disabled the usb legacy support but nothing helps. Today I made some test with Memtest86 and got some surprising results. In Dual Channel mode the only timings on which the memory passed the tests without errors were 2,5-3-2-6. This timing is set by the bios when I enable SPD. Everything else was set to the setup defaults except the promise controller and boot picture which I disabled.

I tried another config in which I tested both 256 MB modules in single channel mode with 2-3-2-6 timings. Surprisingly I got no errors when they run as single channel. I also tried both channels of the board (blue and black memory slots) in single and dual channel config. Same results.

Also surprising for me was that my mainboard only runs with 199 MHz fsb und that I get only around 2300MB/s from the memory. So can anybody help me with this problem? Should I return the memory or maybe the mainboard?

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Are you sure that my psu hasn't enough power? Never had any problems except with the memory. For example running doom 3, two hdd's, dvd drive, on board sound and lan adapter and the graphic card of course. Also at the moment only two hdd's are connected to the system. One of them is most of the time in standby (energie saving) because I use it only for backups.

Maybe I will disconnected the cd/dvd drives and one hdd and make a second test with memtest.

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I couldn't resist so I made the test with everything disconnected from the system except fdd, cpu fan and graphic card. Run memtest and just got the same amount of errors. Beginning in test 4 then test 6 after it I aborted the test. So I would say the psu is not the problem. Only other thing I can try is to get another psu with more power for a test.
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Made another stress test with the system today. Video encoding. No problems. I purchased the memory in Germany. Should I return it to the distribution in Germany where I got it from? I ask because sending it to Corsair in the US takes to much I estimate.
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Like I wrote above at timings of 2,5-3-2-6 I have no problems with the memory running in single or dual channel mode. also at timings of 2-3-2-6 they will run without a problem in single channel. do I use them in dual channel mode with same timings I get many errors in the memtest.
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