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SSD cables blocked in case

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I tried putting a ssd on the 2"5 trays behind the motherboard on my 465x case but I ran into a problem.

I screwed the ssd on the tray but the L shaped cable(s) that needs to be plugged in face towards the inside of the case and thus the case blocks the cables from being installed properly because the cables dont fit.

The ssd is the samsung 870 qvo and as far as I can see there is no other way of screwing the ssd on except for upside down which still has the same problem.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix it/what I am doing wrong?

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Hi there,


The sata mounting can be a bit hard with some cables. The 3.5" HDD mounting brackets should also have 4 holes so you can mount your ssd in those instead of on the rear of the motherboard. (see attached picture)


Thanks, I know I can mount them there but I already have two hard drives there. And would like to have the ssd mounted on the case. But if I understand correctly there is nothing I can do about it? I am mounting my ssd the right way, the cables I have are just not good for this particular case/ssd combo?

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do the angled connectors fit on the motherboard side?

If they do you could do a bit of shuffling to get all 4 drives connected.

Usually mobos have sata sockets stacked in groups of 2. You could put an angled connector at the bottom, a straight connector at the top.

Then use the straight connectors on the other end for the SSDs, and the angled for the HDDs.


That may not be ideal with disk order, but it could work. Otherwise, you will have to buy SATA cables ^^'

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