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Two Commander Core for RGB Setup


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Hello Guys,


i happen to own two Commander Cores from the H115i Cappelix and i would like to know if it's possible to group them in iCue.


I connected one of them via USB 1 and the other one via USB 2 on my Mainboard but i would like them to act like one unit or at least combine them somehow to sync the effects.


One is being recognized as the "H115i" in iCUE and as "Commander Core".




How can i sync them?


Thanks in advance!

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Assuming you mean run a sequential effect from fan 1 to fan 12, you cannot. Each is a separate group for programming purposes just like any other 2 controllers. Of course you can set identical effects for each and they will be synchronized in that each are doing the same thing.


Lighting Link Visor and Color Wave will hop from one device to the next, but those are not the effects most people are interested in. It is possible to program custom waves and ripples to give the appearance of starting at fan 1 and ending at 12, but it is very difficult and requires extensive trial and error for each unique set up.

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