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H150i Pro XT USB Disconnects?

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So I got a completely new set-up around December. Two months in, no problems.


Fast forward to last week, and I heard a curious USB disconnect sound from windows, along with the CPU fans speeding up to 100% before settling back at a fixed 50% (which is where I set them to be in iCue), all happening in the span of 3 seconds.


Today at 13:05, it happened again, about a week after the first time. The only thing that changed before the first one happened was an iCue update that added support for various AMD sensors, including my Ryzen 7 5800x.


Things I've read ..

  • Is that it could be the RGB lighting, and turning it off possibly fixes it. I haven't tested this as the disconnect isn't consistent enough.

  • I've also read that running several monitoring programs could cause this, and I am running HWInfo and MSI afterburner constantly as I like to keep an eye on everything on new setups the first months.


Now this has only happened twice, one week apart between disconnects, and they only last about 1-3 seconds before everything is back to normal.. but I am no less concerned. Any thoughts?

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So it happened again at 14:05 today. Strange, but I think I found the issue.


As I said I am running monitoring programs constantly, HWInfo in particular, and that program has a checkbox called "Corsairlink and Asetek support" that you can uncheck because HWInfo tries to access some of the same areas as iCue which causes a conflict, I guess. So I am trying that now.


Only question is why it started happening last week and not much earlier. I've been running these programs for a couple of months without issue, afterall.

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HWiNFO, AIDA, and other full spectrum monitoring programs that attempt to poll internal Corsair devices at the same time as CUE will cause issues. USB disconnects are possible with the cooler. Garbage data is more common (-17C coolant temp, 65,000 rpm fans, etc). It is possible to use them at the same time, but you must direct the other program not to monitor Corsair internal devices. In HWiNFO it normally prompts you to do this on launch, but you can also disable on a device basis in the columns.


You might also look at the thread in the sticky section of the CUE forum. There are other possible reasons not related to the cooler itself.



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