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Corsair icue 220t airflow best fan set up + how to reduce noise


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This is how I have it setup. 2 intake at the front, 1 exhaust at the top and exhaust in the back. I am wondering if this is a good setup or can I achieve similar cooling with 3 fans? I'm finding the 4 sometime because noisy when the PWM ramps up and down. The temps I get while playing most games is 70-75c GPU and 50c CPU.



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Maybe look in Dragon Center if you can manage case fan speed based on GPU temperature.

That will prevent unneeded fan ramp up when your CPU load goes up and down.

Also the 3070 is basically what creates the most heat, so it's better to have fan speed respond to your GPU temperature.

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That is a great looking little system!


I would change your layout and put your top fan in the front of the case instead. You want to have as much fresh air in trough the front, so you will possibly see a slight drop in temps by doing so (1-2c, nothing major).


Since your temps are as low as they are, it does not seem like airflow is a major issue, so if LeDoyen's suggestion does not work out for you, I would try and set all case fans to a specific RPM that you do not find noisy - such as 900 RPM.


in iCUE you can make custom fan curves based on temperatures, so maybe you can also do that in whatever program you use to control the fans. I would probably set all the fans to 600 RPM when the GPU is 60C and below, and then ramp them up to 1400 RPM if the GPU gets above 70C (these are just quick numbers I made up - try and test and see what works best for you).

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