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iCue Sensors Flatlining


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Hey, everybody. I'm having an issue with iCue and my h80i v2. It flatlines multiple times a day, sometimes minutes after restarting the service (occasionally I get the error message that the restart failed too). The odd thing is it doesn't happen when I'm gaming. Usually just online or watching videos and even idle. I have CoreTemp running in the taskbar at startup, but I've had them running together for a while and the issue is a recent (about a month ago) thing. I've checked the cooler for issues, unplugged the cables, and switched them to different headers. I also put the service and .exe on delayed auto-start and disabled SDK)The cooler never has temp issues, not even when I ran a stress test (Aida 64=30mins). This is my second h80i v2, the first had to be RMA'd. Any help would be appreciated. I don't have RGB lights or anything else that iCue is monitoring other than two case fans (one intake=front and exhaust=top). Could it be my custom profile isn't enough? I'll attach a pic of it and of my dashboard average temps. It gets pretty hot in my room (it's winter here and heat is on), but even then (or when gaming) the CPU temps never go above 50. I think I set the custom profile correctly but I could be wrong.


Stay healthy



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Do you have a custom fan curve set? It's a known issue with the custom fan curves. If you set a preset curve, it won't flat line.


I upgraded to a H150i and haven't had anymore issues with flatlining despite having a custom curve so I have a feeling it might be a bug in the H11x hardware on top of things.

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In my case it's (as you can see in the screenshot) a H115i with its custom curve with it's own "H115i Temp#1" as the sensor base. Plus a commander pro for my back+top fans (Fan #1-3 that is), also with custom curve based on the Asus 3080 TUF Gaming OC I have.


I do however have a H150i RGB PRO XT laying behind me I intend to install soon-ish. Hopefully that will fix it. If it does I will try and remember posting an update here.

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No other monitoring software on my end at least, dunno about OP. But when it flatlined for me it also stopped controlling the speeds of the fans, both on my commander pro and the H115i.

Not just the monitoring part of it.


But I tried what someone mentioned above, to use the default speed profiles.

So today I've run the "Quiet" setting on the H115i, and I have not had any flatlining bugs today.


Still using my custom curve controlled by the GPU sensor for my 3x Corsair LL140 that is plugged into my Commander Pro.

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I'm having the same issue. I logged a ticket with support and they were useless giving unfounded explanations that it is down to "USB degredation" or you have software or old drivers installed that are causing interference.


They were not willing to investigate properly or even consider that it MIGHT actually be iCUE software itself. I had NO issues with the previous software Corsair LINK.


They pull the usual "install a clean version of Windows 10" crap support tactic. If that doesn't work then you MUST have a degraded USB controller. What rubbish. All my USB ports work fine and never had problems prior to iCUE and Corsair Link works fine reading the same sensor settings.


Also if I restart and reset the iCUE service it continues as normal which you wouldn't expect if there was a USB fault or similar. In addition if there was a USB fault any half decent software should be able to handle that and either try again or reset. It shouldn't mean it gives up completely and not be able to read voltages, temperatures, fan speeds, pump speeds from completely unrelated devices on CPU, motherboard, graphics card, and CPU pump cooler.


What concerns me most is that when this happens my H115i CPU pump and fans are no longer managed by iCUE meaning it could result in overheating damage to my PC.


Corsair products being managed by icue in my system are :


- Corsair H115i CPU pump cooler

- Corsair HX1200i PSU

- Corsair K95 XT Platinum

- Corsair Sabre RGB Mouse

- Corsair iCUE Nexus


I also have Corsair memory and a Corsair Case. So obviously this experience has put me right off Corsair products in future. I am probably going to return the iCUE Nexus and give a corresponding bad review.


Even though there are others reporting the same issues they still claim it's nothing wrong with their iCUE software as its "perfect" right?


I would suggest everyone else experiencing this raise a support ticket as well then maybe they might realise its a problem with iCUE. But not holding much hope.


This is what I see :




After restarting iCUE background service all returns to normal again.

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Hey, everyone. I wanted to give the issue some time since starting the thread. I have been following it though. Haven't had a flatline since the start of this week. Tried to explain it away by the fact that I've been gaming a little more and putting the curve on Quiet when I do, but that doesn't make sense because that's the usual routine whether gaming for a single or few hours. After doing anything CPU intensive, I always set my profile back to a custom one and would always (for a few weeks there) flatline. Sometimes after as little as 30 mins. These past few days? Not at all. This is an iCue mystery. I hope there's an end to it. Like @laxxity I'm worried by the flatlines. I've been lucky enough to catch them and restart iCue. What happens if I step out or away and my CPU overheats and damages itself, the cooler, or both?


Hope everyone's doing well.

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