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Are Corsair Vengeance LPX single channel sticks capable of running in dual channel?


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Hellow :)


I have a quick question that maybe is on other people minds too. I hope that someone can shed some light on the matter.


Is it ok to use in a dual channel configuration two DDR4 single channel sticks(sold as single channel) that are just a few numbers away from each other in regard to the serial number or is this asking for trouble?


I know that dual channel kits are sold as a way to ensure a hassle free experience and in essence any memory stick is single channel if used on its own.


The sticks in question are:




One is serial number: 193000175292521

The other is serial number: 193000175292547


The difference is minimal 521 vs 547.


All the other specs are the same: 16GB / 3000MHz/ 15-17-17-35 / 1.35 / Ver 5.32


I plan to use them on a Gigabyte Aorus PRO Z390 + a I7 9700K.


Are they compatible?

Why are they sold as single channel sticks? They didn't qualify for a dual channel set?

Should I buy a dual channel kit from the start? I saw that the sticks in the dual channel kits tend to be consecutive serial numbers.


My intuition and experience tell me that it will be ok to use these particular sticks in a dual channel configuration but due to the price I'll have to pay for them I felt the need to ask for a second opinion. :)


Thank You.


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There is no such thing as Single/Dual/Quad Channel memory, as this is a property of the memory controller in how it handles memory. This is why you can place memory in different slot configurations on a motherboard and it will register as single or dual channel.


As the two individual sticks have not been tested together, there is no way to guarantee that they'll work together, but like Notepad said, it's possible.

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Thanks a lot for the replies. In the past I used to mix and match different RAM sticks but that was in the days of single channel architecture. Since dual and quad channel was the norm I always bought the same type of ram just to play it safe.


If in the end I decide to buy them or buy a tested dual channel set I'll post my findings here.


The only upside of this whole deal is that the price for those two sticks, still in use at the one that sells them, is that they are around 30% cheaper than from the regular prices.

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