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Corsair K100 WinLock Key

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Bought my first Corsair peripheral. But the K100 RGB OPX Switch Keyboard's Windows Lock key is not responding nor working.


I made a clip testing the WinLock key [ame]



Anyone else having this issue?


The display model's WinLock Key at Best Buy where I bought this keyboard yesterday is also not making a click sound and actuating when pressed. I otherwise really like this keyboard...


If this is a defect, can anyone recommend another mechanical keyboard for me? I want something similar to the K100, but perhaps a different brand altogether. Good for gaming but most importantly for typing.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello there,


The K100 WinLock will only work while iCUE is running.


The display model at Best Buy is most likely not connected to a system running iCUE, hence the identical behavior you're experiencing. As for it's button not 'clicking' I would assume this is because it is a display model and people are testing it a good bit, but it is indeed supposed to click.


Hope this helps.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I returned the Keyboard and it's all better now. This new K100's Windows Lock key is not only clicky when pressed but it also toggles red to indicate the Windows key is locked. The LED lock icon also turns on in the middle of the keyboard dashboard.


I definitely had a defective keyboard but I'm glad tried again because I really like this keyboard.

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