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HELP with iCUE H150i elite capellix


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Good evening, I bought a new build and trying to get it running but I've ran into some errors, I have 6 case fans and the 3 on the radiator all the power is bluffed into the core I have 3 splitters on it. But the fans on the radiator do not spin unless I plug them into the motherboard. When I power the tower on I get the error cpu fan not detected. I plugged the 24 pin or whatever it is from the pump to the core and the 3 pin to my cpu fan header. Also no rgb is on. ( is that a software thing?)


Any help is appreciated.



Build info:

Case: MetallicGear NEO Qube

Motherboard: Asus rog Z490E LGA 1200

Cooler: iCUE H150i elite capellix

Case Fans: 6- iCUE SP120 Rgb Pro

Processor: Intel I9 10900

PSU: Corsair 850w

GPU: Asus Rog RTX 3080

Ram: 32gb G.Skill Trident Royal

Storage: 4 TB


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6 SP Pro fans - This going to be a problem since they are 3 pin DC fans and the Commander Core is a PWM controller. They will be stuck at 100%.


The Commander Core uses an auto-detect for both PWM fan occupancy and RGB Lighting type. I am not sure what happens if you start mixing DC and PWM fans on splitters. I generally recommend people not overload the Commander Core as it is essential for delivering power to the pump. You may be in that situation now. The CPU fan error is troubling and suggests the MB isn’t getting a signal back from the device. Does it show in CUE software? Or are you not able to get that far?

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