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Corsair SF750 Fan Noise/Clicking

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I recently completed a build in an NCASE M1 using the SF750.


I've noticed when gaming/at load and the PSU fan comes on, it starts making audible clicking noise (audible at up to 5-6 feet away). See video:




I'm quite certain it's coming from the PSU, as I'm able to clearly hear the volume increase bringing my ear close to the PSU, which is easily isolated at the back of the NCASE.


The noise also continues after GPU/CPU fans have died down when stopping gaming, as the PSU fan still is running for some time after system load has come down.


Can anyone confirm if this is atypical, and if corsair would honor a part replacement?

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So I recently tried blowing directly into the PSU fan when it was making the noise, and it suddenly stopped. This worked for about a week, and I just blew into it again, and once again it's silent.


I guess there was a loose cable just barely hitting the PSU fan when it turned on. Luckily seems I've been able to move it out of the way. I hadn't seen any other posts like this for the SF750, but hopefully this helps someone.

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