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h150i elite capellix suddenly running very hot

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I'm running the following;


i9-10900k at 4900 across all cores

h150i elite capellix - top mounted exhaust

3 140mm fans on front as intake

1 140mm fan rear exhaust


The computer was always running at a good temp never going above 60c but in the last few days the cpu at load will climb to 90c and the temps on the h150 quickly climb to 45c or higher where as before it never got over 38c.


I've tried to change the profile on my cooler to extreme with no help. The pump and fans are all working, what could be the issue? The entire system is only 4 months old. I've never had a problem like this with corsair before so I have no idea where to start.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Test using CPU loads only to take the GPU out of the equation. Most of the time people see higher than expected coolant temperatures, it is because case temp has become more elevated than normal and that usually is the result of the GPU or unusual room temp increases.


Try running something mild like CPU-Z Bench Stress test. It's linear in load and will keep at an even CPU temp, with very clear +1C coolant/+1C CPU temp increases over 5-10 min. I would expect the coolant to rise 6-8C in about 10 min. Aside from unusual increases here, you are also checking the cooldown after. The cooler should drop about half that increase in just a few minutes after the test stops and then take a bit longer to drop the rest of the increase. A cooler than does not drop its temp after a CPU only load may have restriction of either airflow or liquid.

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