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Scimitar mouse having problems suddenly

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So two weeks ago I noticed my mouse suddenly started to disconnect from ICUE and often times just freeze on the screen for a second or two before it reverts back to a default profile like ICUE isn't even open.


At first, I thought maybe it's the ports that are the issue so plugged it into other ports and it works fine for a random amount of time, ranging from minutes to days before it happens again.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling ICUE, checked the ports on my PC, changing ports and reinstalling drivers. Does anyone know if there is an actual fix to this issue? or is this my mouse basically giving up on itself? (it is around 5 years old now, the yellow scimitar) Would be very nice if there is a fix for it as they're now around £70-£75 and mostly out of stock so would like to avoid having to replace it.


Also would like to know if this is a genuine issue with maybe updates or something as it would be irritating to pay that money for a new one for it to have the same issues

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Hi D3xx,


This sounds like it could be iCUE crashing because of a potential software conflict. Go ahead and review + follow the steps in this article -- it says it is for lighting, but the same information applies for any kind of device conflict with iCUE:




If this doesn't help, please open a ticket with support using the link at the top of this page for further assistance.

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