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Corsair xd5 rgb cable

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This is probably a silly question I am in the middle of putting my components in my new build and running cables, now coming from the xd5 I am assuming it’s an rgb cable on the end, now nothing I have fits into there, doesn’t fit on the node or the commander, so my question is how do I connect it for rgb ????


Ignore me ha ha I have no clue what I am talking about the rgb is connected via a node pro, the extra wire coming from the top of the pump is it to piggy back the rgb ??

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There is a female connector on the XD5/XD3 to allow you daisy chain Corsair CPU and GPU blocks into the same lighting string as the pump/reservoir and also allow them to share 1 RGB channel. It is not required for it to work. In recent models there also is a more typical “MB style” D-RGB connector in the kit that will not be used in this instance.
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