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New mouse not working after update

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Hi all, I bought a new Corsair Katar Pro Wireless mouse today from best buy. I plugged up the mouse and download the iCUE software. Mouse was working properly. I noticed the mouse had an update available so I went ahead and did that. After the update, the mouse won't work. I did a 'hard reset' by holding down the L/R buttons while the mouse was off. After turning on the mouse (with the buttons held down) I waited 5 seconds and left go. The mouse flashes white for a while but it never connects or works properly again.


I know the easiest answer is to take it back to the store, but it's about 15 miles away and I don't want to if someone else knows something I can try.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Insane(inthe)Mustang,


It unfortunately sounds like the device may bricked itself while performing the firmware update.


We definitely understand not wanting to go out right now -- go ahead and open up a ticket with support using the link at the top of this page, and we can help you with a mail-in warranty replacement, as long as you have eligible proof of purchase.

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