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Weird issue with XD3 pump/res after case swap

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So I have a weird issue that happened while I was switching my build from a Fractal Design Mini C to a Lian Li O11D Mini. My XD3 pump/res was working fine a few hours ago when I turned off the computer to take it apart. I took everything out of the old case and rebuilt my loop in the new case, and now the pump wont start up again. It gets power, as it makes a very low and faint vibrating noise, but it doesn't spin up. I have tried to have it plugged into both the new and old power supply, both with pwm plugged into the commander pro and not.


I read some previous threads on this forum and tried tilting the case and even shaking the pump (soft tubing so I could unscrew the pump without disconnecting the loop). The only thing I added to the loop was more radiator, I went from 2x240 to 2x360 + 1x240. Have I simply reached the limit of what pressure the pump is able to supply?


Here is a video of the sound the pump makes when powered with only molex connected, pwm was disconnected (you might have to turn up your volume to hear the vibrating sound):




I bought this pump directly from the corsair EU store, so I don't think it will be a problem to return it if I have to, but it seems weird that the pump suddenly stops working like this. I thought I'd try my luck on the forums and see if someone might have a solution :)

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You’re not past what the pump can push through. I’ve run 3x360 plus 2 blocks and it still churns like a typhoon at maximum. Whether there is better value in an extra radiator vs loss of flow rate through the block is another discussion, but the extra radiator is not the cause.


I would contact Corsair Support. The sputtering is problematic and creates trust issues, even if we tinker around and find a way to jump start it for now.

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