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Corsair 4000x Fan linking, so lost.


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So I've just picked up my first build and feel like I've just jumped in at the deep end here picking the corsair route with the fans and all the added commanders, controllers & hubs has got me so lost in all of this. Even reading the guides I feel just as confused.


The setup so far is :


Corsair 4000x - 3 standard fans that come with the Lighting Node CORE.


240mm H100i Capellix that comes with the commander core. Top mounted.


CX750F PSU RGB - this asks to connect to a CORSAIR iCUE RGB Lighting Controller or use the ARGB header on my mobo.


1 extra Exhaust Fan 120 (to be decided) Probably a QL120 RGB. On the back of the case.


This is where I'm getting lost, there's sooo many hubs...


I've been told I'd need a commander pro by a friend who builds pc's and someone else said I need another hub, figured I'd just come here.




From my understanding, I can run the 3 standard fans, the capellix plus the extra exhaust through the commander core? So I can then control the fan speed and rbg through iCUE.


Would this work with all the different types of fans connected? If this is the case, is the lightning core actually rendered useless here, having been replaced by the commander core.


Do I need anything extra with all these different hub names.


The PSU would just connect to the one of the ARBG headers on the mobo ? Mobo is Asus Rog Strix B550-A Gaming.


Or am I reading this completely wrong and actually need an entirely different set up with a commander pro or something else?



Basically wanting to control the fan speed / rgb with iCUE for the 3 case fans, 2 capellix, 1 extra exhaust + rgb for PSU.


Any help clearing up this mess or just confirming my thought process lwould be grateful. Thanks!

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