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Very disappointed in Dark Core RGB SE

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I bought one less than a year ago, and I am going to have to replace it through my Best Buy warranty. I should have exchanged it right after I bought it.


The first negative thing is the poor battery life. I had Logitech MX Master mouse that would last for days. This thing has to be charged daily. The Qi charging does not work.


Now the LED lights have failed. I have tried every troubleshooting technique I have found her, including multiple rests, and the lights will not stay lit.


I will not buy another Corsair mouse.

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  • Corsair Employees

We're terribly sorry you had a negative experience with the Dark Core RGB SE. The battery life issue is definitely unusual, especially if you have RGB turned off.


Please, if you still have the device, open a ticket with support using the link above -- we want you to be satisfied with our product, and troubleshoot it to the fullest extent possible in order to achieve this.

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