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Dear Corsair,


I am writing this article to give feedback. I'm a die-hard Corsair fan. I find all their products great and very high quality. I use it with great pleasure.

I also love the White build. most of my pieces are white corsair. I especially love the white and light gray models.


But for years I have been waiting for Corsair to launch a wireless mouse in white and light gray concept. Why is a wireless mouse not available in your white color sales portfolio? there is also no mousepad. I would really like to make the "MM700 RGB Extended Mouse Pad" version you have just released, as well as the black version, as well as the light gray version. In addition, there is a huge problem with the white color in the keyboard series. only one of your models is white color in that model K70. Okay, you do not make the keyboard white, at least buy the side attachments such as a white separate keypad or wrist rest. If you wish, buy them and use them as white color.

All products in the case are included in the case, you have a white model and you are doing great work. Whether the rams, liquid cooling, the fans are all perfect and both black and white are available. It is beautiful, but our desktop cannot turn white just when we want to buy corsair. No product. At least one alternative, but there is no room. (Especially wireless mouse and mousepad)


RGB towers, headphone stands are all black. There is no white.

In the meantime, launch the white color of the ironclaw wireless mouse that is currently on the market. I will say, but the plastic nails used in the wheel break very easily. Unfortunately, my own use broke down and I sent it to RMA. You can make ironclaw v0.2, for example, it would be great if you made those plastic wheel tabs as metal, if it was durable and resold it in both black and white. The mouse is really nice but problematic ...

By the way, you bought gampad company in the past years. It has been a few years and a corsair gamepad has not been released yet. We expect a nice corsair gamepad like this. But please do the white model instead of making it directly in black.


I am writing in case an official takes this message into consideration. Maybe we want a hope white wireless mouse and mousepad. Competitors have white color.


I hope you will enter the monitor market, even the motherboard and graphics card market in the future.


I sincerely wish all employees to continue their success.


stay healthy.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello there,


As a white-build enthusiast, I agree -- I'd love to see pretty much all of our products with a variation of white!


I will make sure to send this feedback to the appropriate teams, thanks so much for your suggestion -- please do let us know if you have any other great ideas you want to share!

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