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My Corsair 680x case came today, noticed it had a commander pro preinstalled, as well as a lighting node core. First question which may seem pretty silly, how are these fixed into the case? I can't see behind them and don't want to pull at them to find out (just in case its not something sticky underneath and i break it).


2nd question is regarding the rgb setup. I have 8 rgb fans, 2 of which are connected to my cpu fan and cpu opt headers on my mobo, which leaves 6 that fit into the 6 slots on the commander pro. Which means all the pwm power to fans is taken care of, which just leaves the rgb to sort out.


I want to use sequencial lighting effects such as "ping pong" but since the light node core only has 6 rgb headers and i have 8 rgb fans, it doesnt take a genious to work out the sequencial effect wont work properly. My next question is in 2 parts. Could i use a splitter on any of the rgb headers? let me try to help you visualise this. I want the sequencial lighting effect (ping pong) to work from the back of my case to the front and then back again. Like this...


(I have 1x rear fan, 2x upper fans, 2x lower fans, 3x front fans).


1. Rear Fan.

2. Top Fan (Rear) + Bottom Fan (Rear). (2 to 1 splitter).

3. Top Fan (Front) + Bottom Fan (Front). (2 to 1 splitter).

4. Front Fan (Top) + Front Fan (Bottom). (2 to 1 splitter).

5. Front Fan (Centre).


If the previous question isnt workable, the second part to my question is, do the 2 lighting channels such as the ones on the commander pro, and the lighting node pro run in parallel to each other or one after the other? I'll elaborate. If i plug a lighting node core into both channel 1 and 2 on commander pro. Would the lighting sequence be as follows:-


Channel 1:- Header 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 then 6 then Channel 2:- Header 1 then 2? in sequence.


Or does lighting channel 1 and 2 both start at the same time?

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  • Corsair Employees

The lighting channels on the commander PRO will start on the same time, so sadly not be sequential. There is RGB splitter cables out there that you can buy, but it is not something that is officially supported by CORSAIR. With what you want, you will probably want to get two of those cables, and "mirror" the top and bottom fans - although with those types of cables you will introduce some problems that iCUE cannot solve (effect direction cant be different on the two fans etc.)


I would set it up like this:


get another RGB hub for your remaining fans

Have the front bottom fan + bottom 2 fans on another controller

Have the front middle, top fan + top fans and rear fan on another controller


If you want a pong effect, I would set the front middle fan to a specific effect of your liking (so its kinda the eye/starting point of any outwards effects)

I would then set the front bottom fan + 2 bottom fans to a pong effect going "down".

Then set the front top + two top fans + rear fan to an pong effect going "up"


You might need to tell the software that you have 4 fans instead of 3 on the first channel so the effects will take the same time to run (you have 3 fans with pong in the bottom but 4 in the top).


I hope that makes a bit of sense. It can be a bit hard to set up advanced effects like this compared to just make everything go rainbow or the more simple effects, but that is also the advantage of iCUE - that we can make cool stuff like this.

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