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Hi all, please excuse the probably quite obvious questions but I need some help...


I am building a PC from scratch and have decided to go with Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x16Gb sticks


I have NOT yet got or installed the CPU (planning for an i7)


My two questions are:


1. Without a CPU should the PC at least boot something to the screen or will it remain blank (I’ve seen varying answers on this)


2. Should the Memory be lighting up red or does this indicate an issue.


Thanks so much

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the screen should remain blank.

If you have a GPU, it wouldn't get anything to display since its PCIE lanes are going to a nonexistent CPU, and the onboard video out on the motherboard rely on the CPU integrated graphics.


I believe only some server grade motherboards have independent display for onboard management stuff


Red is probably the default hardware lighting profile for the RAM ^^ without CPU you have an expensive paperweight basically.

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