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Profile management - best practices (+feature request)


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Hello, in the past months I upgraded my system with more and more Corsair hardware so my iCUE is filling up.


I have:

Mouse, Scimitar RGB Elite

Keyboard, K100 RGB (got it today)

Fans & Lighing, Commander Pro + Lighting Node Core (3 corsair rgb fans + 3 non-rgb fans)

(+ H150i RGB Pro XT, but not using it right now - the pump too audible for my system)


Now my problem and the question how you handle your profiles.


For 3 games I made seperate profiles to customize the buttons and colors on my mouse. I love to use the thumb buttons so I want to use them in many games. The fan curves and fan colors are the same in each profile right now.

Today I got the K100, I adjusted the lighting and added some actions to the G-buttons. Whenever I switch to one of the game profiles now, the lighting and actions for the keyboard are reset to the defaults. With my 4 profiles (Standard + 3 games) it's not that hard to adjust the settings. Also creating a new profile is easy with export & import. But with every new profile I will add, it gets more annoying to change something like the fan curve, or the color of one fan.


Like if, in summer, I notice I need to adjust my fans, but I already have 20 game profiles for the buttons on my mouse, I need to adjust the fan curves in every single profile ... is there an easy way to do it? Same if I don't like the colors of my keyboard, or if I want to change one of the actions on the G-Keys ... I would need to change it in every single profile?

Or what to do if I want a daytime and a nighttime profile for the keyboards rgb. Okay, easy for the standard profile, but what about the game profiles?

(And yes, I think about every single of these scenarios - even the day/night profile.)

Is there an easy way to handle this? How did you setup your profiles?



Feature request/idea: the profiles in a cascading way, sub profiles, or chaining profiles - don't know how to call it.

You have one or multiple main profiles and you add a sub profiles. A sub profile only changes the actions for your mouse, or only the colors on your keyboard. If you change the fan curves in the main profile, every sub profile inherits these fan settings. Think about the styles in InDesign, the slide master in PowerPoint, or how the web's CSS works. It would make handling multiple profiles so much easier.

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Within the Commander Pro fans, you can click on them and choose "copy to all". This will apply that fan curve for that fan # to the others in the profile list. You will need to do this for fans 1-6.


For making subtle variations of the same profile, it is a lot easier to use the Copy Profile feature to duplicate an existing profile, then change the fan color or pattern. This saves time with setting up the fans and especially KB lighting patterns and actions.


You can organize your profiles into sub folder. You can create separate "profile lists" with an action key that will only cycle between those profiles. For example, if I have a Winter theme of profiles, I can go to one of them and make a Profile Switch in the Actions menu that cycles from Ice -> Jingles -> Snow -> Fire -> and back to the start.

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