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iCUE fan issue


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Hello, i just bought a Corsair iCUE 4000x case and it looks amazing :D


However.. when going through the software and playing with the LED's what i do on the software doesn't seem to match the case..


All 3 front fans are controlled by LED Port #1 for some reason, if i put LED Port #2-#6 on, nothing illuminates


The case is as it come out the box and all 3 fans are plugged into separate outputs on the controller


If i unplug port #1 on the controller, the bottom fan goes off

If i unplug port #2, the middle fan goes off.

and if i unplug port #3, the top fan goes off

So it shows they are all connected in different ports and not all on the same wire for example



I've attached pictures of a few examples of what the software says and what the case looks like and also attached an image of the controller in the case.


Any help is appreciated, Thanks :)



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You appear to have the fans configured as "LL fans" which are 16 LED models (12 outer, 4 inner). The 4000x comes with SP-Elite fans that have 8 center LEDs (base 8 fan). In the Lighting Set-up, change the fan type to "SP-Pro, SP/ML-Elite". It's the really long one and the only one with multiple fan types. See if this cleans thigs up. If not, we can take another try.
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