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Freezes when playing under load


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When playing battelfield 1 it freezes for about 15 or 20 minutes looking at hwinfo on the 12v rail goes down to 11.6 and using a benchmark it can go down to 11.5


No load remains at 12,096 using a browser at 12,024 and using some non-demanding game 11,952


Using a tester gives this result



What causes those freezes


Psu corsair ax 750 gold

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DO you use extensions on your cables? If not are yuou using the cables that came with the PSU?


Extensions can cause those voltage drops



I don't use extensions I don't know if with those voltages I should have problems in that game or if it's something from software or windows update

My ssd has 82% life but I don't think the ssd is the problem


Any suggestion?


on which rail is the gpu used if it is v1 or v2 or -12 in the tester?

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If a cable is bent in only one position, can it affect the load voltage?


Usually bending cables does not do any damage but your PSU is a real dinosaur and you may want to consider jumping to a RM850 (2019) which is far more modern in design. It's also cheaper too.

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