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RMA Difficulties


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Long-time Corsair enthusiast.


Recently I had bought a 32GB (16x2) kit of RGB Pro RAM back in April of 2019. Fast forward, one of the RAM sticks had failed and now the unit will not POST with that specific stick of memory. I had called into Corsair RMA support, did some troubleshooting and confirmed the RAM as faulty.


The RMA got accepted, however the process for the RMA is a little ridiculous. I need to send in both of my sticks of RAM in order to receive a replacement kit. I however only have the 2 sticks of RAM in my computer and use it daily for work. The other issue is that the RAM modules I have Corsair doesn't even have in stock. So who knows how long it will take to receive the replacement pair back.


Called in again today for any alternate solutions. Only other thing offered was advanced replacement for a slower memory kit that will cost me $159.99 as every other kit is currently out of stock. This is the cost of just buying a new kit, so unsure why I would go for it.


Is there any other ways this could be fixed? Currently not pleased with the available options for me. At this point I would rather trash my current sticks and switch to a different manufacturer for that price/time frame.


RMA number: 2003961502

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Hi weirdhoney


The methods suggested by our customer service rep on this matter are appropriate and correct.

I do sympathise that it can be inconvenient to not be able to send in partial kits; however we also need to ensure that the replacement we send you is compatible with your system.


These overclocked kits are tested and approved as singular kits -- and slight variances in the Integrated Chips can lead to instability issues if you mix them with other RAM sticks that are not from the same batch or pack, or those that may contain other components entirely.


The Advanced RMA charge is simply a holding deposit that will be completely refunded on receipt of the faulty goods at our warehouse.


The Standard or Advanced RMA are the only two replacement options.


Hope this has cleared things up!


~ Mordred

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